About Us
EV For Everyone
Experiencing the deteriorating environment and realizing the dearth of one single platform to promote and provide complete information about the electric vehicles, we decided to come up with an online platform to support the EV ecosystem. EV Bazaar is a single largest platform which can help the customer decide that which EV to choose, the EV which can fulfil all their needs and help us save OUR planet EARTH.
EV Bazaar is a brainchild of a 9th grade Tech enthusiast, who while searching for a best EV for his father, realized that there is no comprehensive platform which can provide complete unbiased information on EV’s. Thus, he joined hands with one of his close acquaintances and his engineer friends to take up this challenge of taking EV’s to every nook and corner and SAVE environment.
Meaning of development is not just to create/invent things by utilizing Earth’s resources but it’s to ensure responsibly create things that can make our lives easier and parallelly SAVE our planet EARTH.
Our strong team of 50+ automobile and environment specialists are continuously engaged in EV automobile market research to ensure that every small information required by our customers is available on this platform. We have ensured that we come with highly useful independent reviews of auto experts not only for not passenger vehicles (Cars, two wheelers, bikes) but also for Commercial utility vehicles such as – rickshaws, buses, trucks.